Socrative Teacher & Student Appsocrativeapp.png

Links to the Socrative Teacher & Student Apps:

Web site Option for Using Socrative:
  • Teacher Web Site:

    • Log in with an email & password (Yes you must set up an account/register first)
      Socrative Teacher: Tap "Select Manage Quizzes" to get started
  • Student Web Site:
    • (You will need at least two devices--one for the teacher & one for the student. You can use the web site or the app.)

Socrative Handout in .pdf: Socrative App.pdf

Steps for Teachers to Create and Begin Quizzes/Assessments/Checks for Understanding/Exit Tickets
  • Open the “Socrative Teacher” App or the web site:
  • Select “Manage Quizzes” to begin creating your first quiz.
  • Tap “Create a Quiz” and then name the quiz
Socrative Teacher: Select "Create a Quiz" to begin
  • Create your first quiz by doing the following:
    Socrative Teacher: Create a Quiz Screen
    • Select between multiple choice or short answer.
    • Type the questions and your answer choices
    • Tap the square next to the correct answer to mark correct answers.
    • Continue adding questions (I usually like to limit these to 3-5) by selecting the question type and adding the answer choices and correct answer.
    • Tap “SAVE” when you are done with your quiz.
    • Tap the Main Screen button/icon in the top left corner
  • Tap “Start Quiz”and make your selections:
    • student-paced vs teacher-paced
    • random answer choices
    • immediate feedback/disable immediate feedback.
    • live results
  • End the Activity when students have finished answering.
Socrative Student Screen

Best Practice Use: Use this app to check for understanding, as an exit ticket in the classroom, as a formative assessment tool, for student feedback during lessons.

Student Procedure:
Students will use their mobile devices to provide input or feedback during a lesson activity.
  • Students download the Socrative Student App (available for iPad, iPhone, Android, iPod) or use a device with the app downloaded. Students can also use laptops with a web browser and go to
  • One the app or web site opens, the students enter the teacher’s room number and tap “Join Room.”
  • Teachers should open the Teacher app or open the teacher site: and tap “Start Quiz” to begin their preloaded quiz.
  • Questions begin appearing once the teacher has started the quiz.

  • Now that you have completed this activity, brain storm other ways that you might use Socrative in the curriculum.
  • Here are a few: as a lesson starter to review concepts from homework or the previous days lesson, to check for understanding as a lesson is presented, as a “Clicker” replacement, as an exit ticket at the end of the class/activity.
  • “How could you adapt this activity to work with your students?”