Lino iPad/iPod AppLinoapp.png

Link to the App in the iTunes Store:
Lino Handout in .pdf: Linoit App.pdf

Steps for Teachers to Use Lino:1-Lino-New_.png
  • Download the Linoit App: iTunes Linoit App)
  • Open “Linoit” on your mobile device.
  • Log into the site with a username & password (if using with students you will want to create a “generic” account)
  • Select a Canvas or press the “new content/canvas icon” in the upper right corner
  • The app seems to work best if placed in the horizontal orientation. Switch orientation of your iPad if necessary.
  • To create a new canvas,click the new content icon in the upper right corner
    • Name the canvas
    • Select a background
    • Select the access (who can view): private, show to everyone, everyone can post
    • Select the details: show on dock, create sticky via email, RSS (I generally only select the “show on dock” option)
  • A blank canvas will appear. Press the new content icon in the upper right corner to add a sticky note with text, a picture from the photo library or a snapshot from the camera.2-Lino-sticky.png
  • Add a sticky note (you can add a tag, change the font, add an emoticon, task or change the color using the icons at the bottom. You must press the SAVE button in the top right corner to add your sticky note to the board.

Nebraska Language Arts Standards:
*Note: This activity was designed for kindergarten or first grade, but could easily be modified for other grade levels.
  • LA 0.1.1 Students will learn and apply reading skills and strategies to comprehend text.
  • LA 0.1.1.e Identify parts of a book (e.g. cover, page, title, author, illustrator)

Lesson Idea Procedure3-lino-sample.png
  • Students will use their iPads to label the parts of a book.
  • Older Students Option: Have students use a book and add sticky notes with pictures (they use the camera option with the new content icon) and text labels for the following: cover, page, title, author, illustrator.
  • Younger Students Option: Have students open a canvas that the teacher created and drag the sticky notes to the correct pictures and label the following: cover, page, title, author, illustrator.

Now that you have completed this activity, brain storm other ways that you might use Linoit in the curriculum. Here are a few: order of operations for math, online word wall for new vocabulary, brainstorming ideas for a writing project, putting a story together in the correct order.....

“How could you adapt this activity to work with your students?”